vendredi 19 janvier 2018

José & friends @ Museum RockArt

Yesterday, José Hoebee gave an interview on Omroep Vlaardingen (see previous post). Later that day, the Luv' singer visited the "Museum RockArt" (a place that celebrates 60 years of Dutch pop and rock music) in Hoek van Holland, NL. She was accompanied by Elly Domenie, Henk Koudijzer and Willem Meijerink. Among the memorabilia was a gold record of "Trojan Horse" (that commemorates the Dutch sale of more than 100.000 copies of Luv's classic hit released in late 1978). 

Photo courtesy of Elly Domenie:

José & Elly

Willem & Henk

Source: Facebook

jeudi 18 janvier 2018

José on Henk Koudijzer's radio show on Omroep Vlaardingen

José with Henk Koudijzer,  Elly Domenie, Willem de Wilt and Willem Meijerink
Photo credits: Elly Domenie

Earlier today, José Hoebee was interviewed by Henk Koudijzer (assisted by sound technician Willem de Wilt) on his morning radio show on Omroep VlaardingenThe singer told anecdotes about her amazing career (her debut with her sisters, the glory years of Luv', her late husband and record producer Will Hoebee...).

José was chauffeured by Willem Meijerink to the radio station. 

Thanks Elly Domenie for sharing information and pictures. 

Click here to listen to "Op de koffie bij Henk Koudijzer". Then select part 1 and 2 of the program. 

Playlist of "Op de koffie bij Henk Koudijzer":

  • Luv' - U.O.Me (1978)
  • Luv' - You're the Greatest Lover (1978)
  • Luv' - Trojan Horse (1978)
  • Luv' - Casanova (1979)
  • Luv' - My Number One (1980)
  • Luv' - Ann-Maria (1980)
  • José - I Will Follow Him (1982)
  • José - Once I Had A Sweetheart ( demo - 1993)
  • José & Hans Vermeulen - I Love You (medley of Nights in White Satin and I (Who Have Nothing) (1984 -  bonus track on the Luv's compilation "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" released in 2003)

Source: Facebook

mercredi 17 janvier 2018

José's lunch with her sister Ingrid and friends

On January 12th, José Hoebee had a convivial lunch with her sister Ingrid and friends (Karin Angeleyes, Gert Schans and Jeff Korporaal) in Best, NL. 

Ingrid & José

José, Gert, Jeffrey, Karin and Ingrid

Source: Facebook (Karin Angeleyes and José Hoebee's Fan Page)

José on "Op de koffie bij Henk Koudijzer" on Omroep Vlaardingen

Jose Hoebee will be a guest on the radio show "Op de koffie bij Henk Koudijzer" on Dutch local station Omroep Vlaardingen tomorrow between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon. She will discuss the success of Luv' (including in Mexico and many other countries), her solo career (including her #1 hit "I Will Follow Him") and her duets (with Ron Brandsteder, Bonnie St. Claire, and Anny Schilder). José was the wife of the top producer Will Hoebee who passed away in 2012. The amazing productions of Will will also be mentioned.

Source: Omroep Vlaardingen, Elly Domenie

samedi 23 décembre 2017

José's latest lunch with fans/friends

José Hoebee's latest lunch with fans/friends took place two days ago at the restaurant "Ambacht" in Best, NL. The Luv' singer spent a good time with David Hay Gibson, Marco Rens, Rien Houet, Jos Theuns and Martin Vink

Photo courtesy of Jos Theuns & Martin Vink:

 Rien, David, Jos & José

 Jos & José

Rien, David, Marco, Jos & José

José & Martin

Source: Facebook

vendredi 15 décembre 2017

José's solo performances @ Tina Trucker & Friends Artiestenreis Sauerland.

Recently, José Hoebee gave a series of solo performances as part of "Tina Trucker & Friends Artiestenreis Sauerland". Fellow artists performed as well: Tina Trucker, Mick Harren, Henk Damen, Jaman, Ramon Beense, Hessel Wijkstra, Johnny Sleegers, Annabel Anderson, De Hollandio's, John Enter, Tina Rosita, Ivo van Rossum, Mike Griek, Nelis Heesbeen and Patrick Gerets.

These shows took place at the All-Inn Enjoy Schlosshotel Sophia in Bad Wünnenberg, Germany. Some of José's songs were used for the taping of "Het Artiesten Festival", a music TV show on Dutch local channel RTV EEN

On December 10th, the singer, accompanied by her sister Ingrid, arrived under the snow at the hotel and went back home yesterday. She sang Luv' and solo tracks. Luv' fan Rien Houet was present as well. 

José expressed satisfaction about her participation in "Het Artiesten Festival" on her Facebook page. 

Pictures & videos (credits: Rien HouetJack van Raamsdonk, Dina Plat, Ramon Beense)

Ingrid de Groot, Ramon Beense & José Hoebee

José Hoebee & Jack van Raamsdonk

Secret Love

Be My Baby

So Long Marianne

Source: Facebook

vendredi 8 décembre 2017

José & Marga at the memorial service for Nelleke Koen

Photo by Ger Lammens

Two days ago, an emotional memorial service for Dutch TV producer Nelleke Koen was held at Studio 31 in Hilversum, NL and attended by family, friends and colleagues (including José Hoebee and her son Tim, Marga Scheide and her partner Michiel, Luv's personal assistant David Hay Gibson as well as media personality Ger Lammens). 

Nelleke's death was announced last weekend (see news posted on December 3rd, 2017). José and she were very close. The Luv' singer expressed her emotions on her Facebook page. 

Source: Facebook