dimanche 28 mai 2017

Toontje celebrates his 10th birthday!!!

Today Toontje (José Hoebee's dog) celebrates his 10th birthday!!!!

Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd Met Je Verjaardag!!!

Video by Co Rnz

Source: José Hoebee's Official Facebook Page

mardi 23 mai 2017

Interview with José on Volgspot (NPO Radio 5)

Yesterday, José Hoebee was interviewed by Hijlco Span on his show "Volgspot" on NPO Radio 5. Currently, the radio station is celebrating the "week of the 1970s". As a member of Holland's greatest girl group, José discussed her amazing career with Luv'. Dutch jazz and musical singer Gerrie van der Klei took also part in the program. The ladies clicked immediately.

Click here to listen to "Volgspot". 

Photo courtesy of David Hay Gibson

Gerrie and José

Source: NPO Radio 5, Facebook....

jeudi 18 mai 2017

José on "Volgspot" (NPO Radio 5)

José Hoebee will appear live on Hijlco Span's show "Volgspot" on NPO Radio 5 on May 22nd between 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm. 

Source: KRO-NCRV/NPO Radio 5, Facebook (José Hoebee, Jos Theuns)

José on "Arbeidsvitaminen" (NPO Radio 5)

José Hoebee gave a phone interview this morning on Hans Schiffers' show "Arbeidsvitaminen" on NPO Radio 5. She discussed several subjects (especially her #1 hit "I Will Follow Him" but also her solo career, her lesser-known songs and her current activities with Luv'). 

Click here to listen to her interview (José appears at 1:19:43). 

Source: AVROTROS/NPO Radio 5

José in "ParaVisie"

The latest issue of Dutch paranormal magazine "ParaVisie" features an interview with José HoebeeEarlier this year, she answered the questions of medium Thomas Woolthuis

In the beginning, José was reluctant to express her opinion on paranormal issues. "No Thomas. I don't want to give this interview. I have nothing to do with spirituality and I don't want to take part in it and I will never do it. Actually I don't like things that are vague. I believe in what my eyes can see, what my ears can hear and what my hands can touch. Maybe I'm afraid about things I cannot explain," José first told the medium.

But Thomas was persuasive and convinced the Luv' singer to discuss her experience with inexplicable phenomena (including signs from her late husband Will who passed away five years ago). She even admitted she was a bit superstitious. 

Source: Facebook, José Hoebee's Facebook Page, Marco Rens....

vendredi 12 mai 2017

José's latest lunch with friends and fans

Jos, Marco, Ada, José, Martin, Karin, Ingrid & me

Yesterday saw José Hoebee's lunch with fans and friends at Café-restaurant "FF Anders" in Best, NL. I was lucky enough to be present. José was very nice and easy-going as always. Fans and friends Martin Vink, Marco, Ada Zwakenberg, Karin Angeleyes, Jos Theuns as well as José's sister Ingrid and her husband were there. 

Nice people for a nice atmosphere!!!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everybody for this fantastic moment!!!!

Photo credits: Karin, Jos & Marco

Ingrid & José

 José, me and Marco

José and me

 Jos and José

José and Marco

Source: Facebook

mardi 2 mai 2017

40th anniversary of the "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo"

The Argentine human rights group called "Madres de Plaza de Mayo" (Mothers of the Disappeared) took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Sunday, April 30, to mark the 40th anniversary of their first march to demand justice for those who "disappeared" during the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983. Demonstrators gathered in front of the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace where people paid tribute.

In 1984, Bonnie St. Claire and José Hoebee released their first duet single entitled "Cassandra" (a Dutch cover version of a song originally performed by ABBA which was the B-side of their single "The Day Before You Came" in 1982). Will Hoebee (José's husband), then a sought-after producer, supervised the recording of this duet. Eurovision Song Contest conductor Harry van Hoof arranged the track. Benny Neyman (a famous artist from Will's roster) wrote the text of this song in Dutch. His lyrics dealt with the movement of the Argentinian mothers.

On July 7th 1984, "Cassandra", released by Philips Records, entered the Dutch charts. It later peaked at #24 on the Top 40 and #19 on the Nationale Hitparade (click here for information about this track).

To honour these fabulous mothers and the memory of the victims of the Argentinian dictatorship, here's a video of Bonnie & José performing "Cassandra" on Veronica's iconic TV show "Nederland Muziekland":

Source: BBC News, El Pais, The Guardian, YouTube....